TBC - Digital Video Series - Advanced Handgun Shooting Mechanics - With Rob Leatham and Mike Seeklander

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This is a DIGITAL VIDEO SERIES! Upon purchase, you will have access to 31 individual streamable and downloadable videos instantly! Check your email for information on how to access to the videos.

The Bigger Circle Advanced Handgun Shooting Mechanics is also available in DVD and USB formats. 

The Bigger Circle video series is the FIRST complete teaching series that Rob Leatham has recorded in his 40-year career as a professional shooter and firearms instructor.  It is over five hours in length, and yes, the DVD will be coming soon!

​​The Bigger Circle Advanced Shooting Mechanics video series is an in-depth instructional series about the techniques and skills required to shoot a handgun both fast and accurately. The material is taught by Multi-National and Multi-World Pistol Champion Rob Leatham, the most-winning practical shooter in history, and National and World Champion Mike Seeklander, Former Marine, Police Officer, and Federal Trainer. 

The "Bigger Circle" concept is one that understands that ALL handgun shooting (defensive, competitive and tactical) falls into the same principle-based circle when it comes to the shooting mechanics that are necessary to succeed. 

Each lesson in the series is broken down in detail so you can watch both the instructional lecture as well as coaching and feedback from Rob and Mike. The video series features highly detailed Lectures, Live Fire Drills and Student Coaching. We've even thrown in a few short and sweet Pro Tips

There are
thirty-one video segments (and one mandatory safety video and a suggested "watch order" pdf file) in this series with almost five hours of never-before-seen content! If you took the 3-day Bigger Circle Class with Rob and Mike, you would pay $800+ in tuition. This series teaches all that is covered in the class, and then some. Included in the series:

  1. Shooting Structure - Stance, Balance, Grip, Grip Pressure (4 videos)
  2. Shooting Structure - Live Fire Drill and Coaching
  3. Shooting Tip - How to Stop Overextending
  4. Trigger Management Lecture - Trigger Position / Movement Demo (2 videos)
  5. Trigger Management  - Live Fire Drill and Coaching Accelerated/Controlled Drills (2 videos)
  6. Sight Management Lecture and the Aiming Process
  7. Sight Management  - Live Fire Drill and Coaching
  8. Mastering The Draw Lecture
  9. Mastering The Draw - Live Fire Drill and Coaching 
  10. Mastering the Reload Lecture - Part I (2 videos)
  11. Mastering the Reload Lecture - Part II
  12. Mastering The Reload Process - Live Fire Drills and Coaching
  13. Developing Transition Speed Lecture 
  14. Developing Transition Speed - Live Fire Drills and Coaching 
  15. One-Handed Shooting Lecture
  16. One-Handed Shooting - Live Fire Drills and Coaching
  17. Medium/Long Range Shooting Lecture
  18. Medium/Long Range Shooting Live Fire and Coaching
  19. The Upper Triangle and Off-Balance Shooting Lecture
  20. The Upper Triangle and Off-Balance Shooting - Live Fire Drills and Coaching
  21. Strategy - Shooting Your Best vs. Performing Your Best 
  22. Pro Tip - Defensive Draw
  23. Pro Tip - Trigger Isolation Tricks

    Buy it, watch it, and learn from it!  This is the most in-depth handgun instructional series on the market. Rob and Mike are confident that the detailed instruction and demonstrations will definitely help get YOU to the next level! 

    Upon purchase, our training (digital, DVD and USB) products are licensed for a SINGLE USER ONLY and their personal devices (maximum of 3).
    It is ILLEGAL to share the digital products with other users, and is a copyright violation punishable by law. 
    The Bigger Circle LLC will PROSECUTE those who distribute the video series without expressed authorization of the owners.